APLS Lawyers

(Auckland Property Legal Service)

Richard Knight purchased Auckland Property Legal Service in the 1990s and is the principal of the firm. Before that he was a partner of Knight & Friedlander for thirteen years. He graduated from the University of Otago in 1978, and has practiced law in the Newmarket area since 1984. Richard has three adult children. His hobbies include tennis, golf, skiing, music and reading.

Bryan Yolland has been an independent consultant to the firm since 2000. He is a law practitioner with many years’ experience, having been a partner of Yolland & Romanuik for 27 years (previously known as Yolland Romanuik & Gubb). Bryan graduated from the University of Auckland in 1963. He currently lives in Warkworth, but commutes regularly to Newmarket. His hobbies include gardening, reading and music.

Carroll Muir is a legal executive at APLS Lawyers. She has a BA in English from Auckland University (1983) and completed her Legal Executive Certificate in 1989, gaining the top mark in Estates Law that year. She took time off from the workforce to have four children. She returned in 2001 and has worked for APLS Lawyers since then. She has written book notes for the Book Discussion Scheme for over a decade, and has been engaged in contract copywriting since 2011. Her interests include hiking, skiing, nutrition, and the arts.

Lynette Botica is a legal secretary at APLS Lawyers. For the last six years she has worked for the principal of the firm and also for the senior associate. Lynette has considerable experience working for law firms. She first worked for a medium sized practice in Auckland commencing in 1987. Since that time she has worked for approximately 14 years. She took time off to raise three children and joined APLS Lawyers six years ago. Lynette’s hobbies include tennis, badminton, swimming, running and reading.